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THE FOUNDRY NUKE Film and Television Post-Synthesis Engineer Certification Admissions Guide

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    Foundry University is a Foundry online teaching and certification platform jointly constructed by Shanghai Maiwen Information Technology Co., Ltd. and the "Magnetic Cloud" national digital content trading service platform, exclusively authorized by Foundry. Foundry University aims to provide a wealth of online teaching, practice, and business projects through a remote cloud collaboration platform and a national digital content trade service platform. We provide a remote cloud system to participate in the collaborative learning and work of practitioners from all over the world.

  • Basic course (unlimited review) Price 599/year
  • Basic course (unlimited review)\Examination and registration Price 2599
  • Exam and registration Price 2500
  • Online Q&A (1-1.5 hours a week online Q&A) Price 50/once (live chat)
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